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 Dump Box's Dump Box's
New and Used  dump bodies for Morooka's    MST-300 New,     MST-600 new  …
Komatsu MST-1100 with Hydraulic Crane Komatsu MST-1100 with Hydraulic Crane
Komatsu Model MST-1100 ( Built by Morooka for Komatsu) serial number 111308 (1995) with 4,021 hours, powered by Komat…
Komatsu MST-700-V Komatsu MST-700-V
Komatsu Model MST-700-V (made by Morooka) serial number 70217 (1997) with 1,038 hours, Komatsu  operators canopy…
Moooka 800-VD Moooka 800-VD
Used Morooka Model MST-800-VD serial number 4086 (2007) with 755 hours, Enclosed Operators Cabin, with heat and defro…
Morooka MST-1500 Morooka MST-1500
Used Morooka Model MST-1500 serial number 152059 (1996) with 4095 hours, Enclosed Operators cab with heat and defrost…
Morooka MST-1500-VD Morooka MST-1500-VD
Used Morooka Model MST-1500-VD serial number 154171 (2009) with 2722 hours, operators enclosed Cab, with air/heat, st…
Morooka MST-800-E Morooka MST-800-E
Used Morooka Model MST-800-E serial number 2671 (1990) with 3715 hours,operators canopy, dump body with fold down sid…
MST-1500-VD MST-1500-VD
Morooka Model MST-1500-VD serial number 153613 (2005) with 2,445 hours, complete with Operators cabin with heat and a…