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Morooka MST-2200 Rubber Tracked Truck
Crawler Carrier Sales is the authorized dealer for Morooka Rubber Tracked Carriers. We import and distribute new Morooka off road carriers as well as a select line of used Morooka trucks from Japan.

Morooka is the largest manufacturer of rubber tracked carriers in the world. They have produced over 30,000 of the Morooka MST-800 units alone,  with total production numbers of well over 75,000 carriers.

Morooka's are a high production, high performance construction tool, built to do full duty cycle operations all day long, and have a  full hydrostatic operating system, and specially developed rubber tracks.

Morooka is the first to develop H.S.T. hydraulic technology, the hydrostatic transmission (hydraulic pumps) allow for economical use of the engine's full power. In addition, there is a gear pump mounted to the back of the main pumps,  supplying charge oil to the main pumps and power for attachments such as, power up and down for the dump body. All steering maneuvers can be executed with either a single lever control or two lever single hand operated controls. Two speed ranges can be selected with a toggle switch.

Morooka MST-800VD Low ground pressure rubber tracked Morooka crawler carrier.Morooka is also the  first to develop Rubber Tracked Technology. Morooka's rubber tracks are the result of over 40 years of joint development between Bridgestone and Morooka. The rubber tracks combine the characteristics of a tire equipped carrier, such as smooth ride and speed, while providing the traction of a steel type track. Rubber tracks offer the best of all worlds with low ground pressure, high performance movement, and excellent traction and combined with our floating bogie wheel undercarriage makes any terrain accessible.

Morooka's products were originally offered as Off Highway Dumpers, we prefer to call them Carriers as they have great versatility and the ability to carry many different tools to difficult sites.